Orgill's mission is to "Help Our Customers Be Successful." One way we accomplish that goal is by providing retailers with high-quality, innovative products from the key manufacturers throughout the home improvement industry.

When considering a vendor, we look for companies that have strong brand recognition and are financially sound. We look for a partner that wants to reduce costs and bring value to our customers. Companies that offer innovation and serve as leaders in the marketplace.


What We Can Offer You

Our customers come from more than 50 countries, and operate many different store formats - from home centers and lumberyards to hardware, farm and chain stores. These retailers' customers include homeowners, professional builders, DIYers and even crafters. Working with Orgill means your company and your products will find exposure to these many different types of stores all over the world.

Taking an active role as an exhibitor during our Dealer Markets is an excellent way vendors maximize their partnership with Orgill. Our vendors find success at these very popular buying shows, with many getting 10 to 20 percent of their annual Orgill volume during these 3-day events. The shows are held twice a year –each spring and fall, and bring in buyers from about 6,000 stores across North America. This number continues to increase, as our Dealer Markets consistently break previous records set in both attendance and sales.

Most successful vendors at the shows offer special pricing on their entire product line. Orgill offers 120-day show terms to its customers, which encourages them to buy deeper and have more product on hand to sell. They're also more willing to take chances on new products if they have a little more time to sell through that products.

We can also help you take part in Orgill's drop ship program, and you can display your line of products on our website. In addition, Orgill promotes items monthly in its promotional publications and can even develop full-color promotional pieces designed exclusively for your product.

Many of our customers participate in our retail services programs, such as Smart Start, new store expansion and a conversion program. These are key programs many of our vendors take advantage of, to ensure they will get their products prominent placement in our customers' stores.

Our Customers' Expectations: How They Affect Our Vendor Relationships

Our customers expect us to deliver high-quality and high-value products. They look to us to be the single supply source for all of their hardware and product-related needs. We need to offer a vast array of products to accommodate the needs of the various store types we serve. This is why partnership with our vendors is so important.

Selection. To ensure our customers have access to a "best-in-class" assortment of products, we spend plenty of time looking at our regional assortments, category dominance and support of well-known brands across the industry. At the end of the day, the product we sell is what defines us as a key supplier for our customers.

Pricing. Our customers expect us to offer competitive pricing, too. It is imperative that our vendors offer prices that allow our customers to compete and maintain good margins.

Promotions. We ask our vendors to offer regular, timely promotions, which provide added value and sales opportunity for our customers. Offering these discounts helps us pass those savings on to our customers so they can heavily promote the product at retail.

Deliveries. We offer our customers high fill rates of 96% or even higher, but that number is contingent upon our suppliers' ability to ship what we order in a timely manner. We need vendors to process orders quickly, to make sure we can maintain our high level of service to our customers.


What You Can Expect From Us

At Orgill, all of our relationships are framed by our four core values: Customer Centered, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence. Relationships with our vendors are no exception. We agree to respect our vendors and be honest and forthright with you. We expect the same in return from our vendor partners. We want to work with you to continue to find ways to sell your products and grow your market share.

This is all outlined in the Orgill Code of Ethics, which is always included in our Orgill Vendor Buying Agreements. That code also includes guiding principles that spell out how our team of merchants interact with our vendors. We want our business relationships to be based on mutual respect and collaboration. We respect our vendors and appreciate all they do for our customers, and we always strive for our words and actions to convey that message.


Promoting Your Brand and Our Customers' Brands

A few years ago, we introduced our new Brand Building program, which is a fully integrated marketing resource that provides our customer with all the tools they need to create flyers, shelf talkers and circulars that promote their brand.

We include our vendors' products and programs in conjunction with our Brand Building program to complete the customer's in-store experience. Vendor participation in Orgill Door Busters and is vital to help our customers meet their consumers' expectations. Our Brand Building team is always ready to collaborate with you and your marketing team to ensure both of our companies' marketing efforts are in sync.


Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in supporting Orgill and our thousands of independent stores. To start the process of becoming an Orgill vendor, you'll first need to contact the Orgill merchandise manager for your department. Please click here and fill out the contact form and one of our merchants will be in touch.