NHPA Conference
Join Orgill for our companion event running concurrently with the NHPA Independents Conference in Dallas. The NHPA event starts Aug. 2, but if you arrive by the evening of July 31, we’re hosting an extra day of workshops, panel discussions, and vendor presentations Aug. 1, plus a tech symposium and a special welcome reception for the entire industry.
Orgill Companion Event
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I go to register for the event?
A: Register for the event from the link on the NHPA website: www.YourNHPA.org/conference. When you complete the form, indicate that Orgill is your primary supplier.
Q: Do I need to register for the Orgill events separately from the NHPA event?
A: No. Your NHPA event registration will get you into the Orgill pavilion for all of our events.
Q: How do I register for a hotel room? Is that handled through Orgill customer service? We don’t see any links on Orgill.com as we usually do.
A: No. Hotel rooms are handled through the NHPA event registration website.
Q: When I register with the NHPA site, will they be able to pick room dates that allow me to attend the Orgill events on Aug 1?
A: Yes, the Independents Conference room block begins the evening of July 31, so you can select these dates as you reserve your room on the NHPA website.
Q: Can Orgill Dealers get air travel support like we would for a Dealer Market?
A: Yes. To book through Orgill’s travel partner (ALTOUR), contact Elaine Simpson at esimpson@orgill.com or call 901-754-8850, ext. 5393.
Q: Will there be Convention shuttle service from either of the Dallas Airports to the Sheraton/Marriott?
A: No. Attendees should make their own travel arrangements. However, related expenses are reimbursable via Market Travel Club.
Q: Will there be Orgill shuttles to and from the hotel and the airport?
A: No. Everyone is on their own -- dealers and Orgill teammates. Uber, taxi, etc.
Q: Will there be Orgill shuttles to and from the hotel and Gilley's on Wednesday evening?
A: Yes. It's a 5-min ride and there will be buses shuttling from both the Marriott and the Sheraton to Gilley's, back and forth all evening, for ALL attendees of the event (Orgill dealers & staff, NHPA staff, non-Orgill dealers and everyone else, too).
Q: As an Orgill attendee, is there an Orgill pavilion where breakfast and lunch will be served each day, and some sort of dinner reception Aug 1 & 2?
A: Yes, breakfast and lunch will be served all three days (Aug 1, 2 and 3). There will be an Orgill reception on Aug 1 at 5 PM.
Q: If I want to bring my spouse, they may not necessarily want to attend the seminars but may want to walk the convention hall and also eat meals. Is that an option?
A: NHPA has “guest” rates for the event for attendees who don’t want to attend the conference event, just some of the social events. These are available to select on their registration website.
Q: What month are the Market Travel Funds going to be calculated based on?
A: June.
Q: When will the schedule of sessions on August 1 in the Orgill Pavilion be finalized?
A: As of this date, we are committed to a Tech Symposium. We will announce the entire schedule of topics and times when that is finalized.
Q: Will any of the Tech Symposium, Smart Starts, New Items, Vendor Discussions, and Merchant Presentations be geared toward Canadian Customers?
A: We intend to do all we can to have Canadian-relevant content – much like we do at a Dealer Market. The NHPA events also are also geared to be relevant to all of North America.
Q: Which nights will the Market Travel Club cover expenses for (hotel room and tax)?
A: MTC will cover the nights of July 31 – August 3
Q: Will Market Travel Club dollars reimburse the admission fees into the event?
A: Yes.
Q: My store has multiple locations and we want to use MTC funds from all locations to cover travel and event costs of people attending. Is that possible?
A: Yes, we can do that. There are two ways to achieve this:
  1. MTC funds earned under accounts that are associated with the same "Parent Account" are automatically combined.
  2. For accounts that do NOT share a parent account, but wish to combine their accruals, we ask that you make the request upon submitting your expense claim. This can be done by submitting a note with the claim and including the account numbers.
Q: How do I upload the MTC receipts to Orgill?
A: Here the instructions on how to upload MTC receipts on Orgill.com and Orgill.ca: [MTC reimbursement instructions]