"Since we started working with Orgill, we have expanded a number of categories. This has allowed us to compete and thrive in a highly competitive market.”
Orgill Helps You Find Opportunities for Growth
Attention to Detail

Expanding Your Market
“Orgill isn’t just a vendor to us; they are a business partner. They are always in full support of our growth. We wouldn’t have the growth opportunities that we do without Orgill at our side.”
Living Up to Commitments
“One of the biggest differences between Orgill and our old supplier is the fill rates. With Orgill, fill rates are just fantastic.”
Brent Perry
Alf Curtis Home Improvements, Ontario
An Orgill customer since 2011

“Orgill’s wide array of products, competitive pricing and world-class Dealer Markets help us move our business forward, while still remaining fiercely independent.”
With Orgill’s Support, We Can Spend More Time Serving Our Customers
Proudly Independent

Going Above and Beyond
"We are continually impressed by Orgill. Their fill rates, on-time delivery, ease of ordering and attentive service is truly unique and exceptional. Orgill is not only delivering on these expectations, but is going above and beyond."
Serving Our Customers
“Our goals are to spend less time buying and more time serving our customers, and Orgill’s support allows us to do just that.”
Gary Cartlidge
Minor Bros. Country Living, Ontario
An Orgill customer since 2016

“We’re an independent business and want to be treated like one. Orgill allows us that independence.”
Orgill’s Product Selection Helps Us Meet Our Customers’ Needs in a Competitive Market!
New Opportunities

Competing With Bigger Businesses
“We’re a family business, but our competitors are bigger and continuing to become more corporate. Orgill helps us compete with those guys. Everyone I’ve spoken with at Orgill is committed to businesses like ours.”
Programs That Help Us
“We use Orgill’s Market Specific Pricing, Door Busters and other programs. Orgill’s pricing and programs mean better costs and margin opportunities for us.”
Nicolas Couture
Couture TIMBER MART, Quebec
An Orgill customer since 2014

“Orgill invited us to a Dealer Market so we could see what they had to offer. It didn’t take me more than two seconds at that Market to know this was who I wanted to buy from.”
Orgill Helps Us With Multiple Facets of Our Business!
A Strong Partner

Online Know-How
“Technology is a challenge for everyone. Orgill has the skills and knowledge we need. We put the online catalogue on our website and had our first online sale less than a week later.”
Large Product Selection
“Because Orgill has such a wide variety of products available to us, it helps us stay one step ahead of everything our customers need.”
Travis Nanninga
BV Home Centre, two locations in the British Columbia
An Orgill customer since 2009

“Since we started working with Orgill, they have given us many opportunities to grow various aspects of our business, and we now have the ability to obtain a much wider variety of products for our customers.”
Orgill is Committed to Strengthening Our Business!
Helping You Grow

Staying Competitive
“With Orgill, we have access to weekly deliveries and the most up-to-date pricing information to make sure we are in line with our competition.”
Expansion Assistance
“We recently expanded our seasonal and agricultural categories, and Orgill helped us through the entire process. Now, we receive nothing but positive feedback from the customers who shop those departments.”
Sam Gerber
Earlton Country Store, Ontario
An Orgill customer since 2015

“Orgill is a true partner; they advise us on day-to-day operations and introduce us to new products.”
Working With Orgill is Like Working With Family
Committed to Excellence

Plethora of Products
“Inventory is king. Orgill has great fill rates, and a very good worldwide sourcing program that gives us access to a wide breadth of products at varying pricing points.”
Prompt Delivery
“Today’s consumers want everything yesterday, so it’s imperative to have a strong distributor backing you. When Orgill says a truck is coming on Monday, the truck is coming on Monday.”
Roberto Giannetti
Preston Hardware, Ontario
An Orgill customer since 2007
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