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How Orgill is Supporting Customers During COVID-19
At Orgill we have been monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of the year, and we are responding to the situation in real-time. These are our priorities as we manage this unprecedented challenge.
Protecting the Health and Safety of Orgill Employees, Customers and Vendors
We are committed to responsibly serving our customers who are providing essential supplies and support to their communities. While many of our employees are now working from home, much of the work we do at Orgill cannot be done from home. We are taking extensive safety and health precautions to protect all of our employees in our distribution centers, on the road, and in our customers' stores and businesses. These measures include frequent cleaning/disinfecting of work areas and facilities, as well as adjusting our operating procedures to follow social distancing guidelines that help protect our employees, customers, and vendors.
Protecting and Managing the Supply Chain
When it comes to managing our supply chain, we continue to work diligently to ensure that our customers get the products and supplies that they need to keep servicing their communities. We have planned ahead to pre-order merchandise where possible in an effort to minimize any supply chain disruption.
Regularly Communicating Updates to Our Dealers
We are providing daily supply chain updates and regular status updates to our customers. We are also gathering feedback from our customers on how we can better serve them during this time and, where possible, share best practices. We are also in constant contact with our field sales team to ensure they are informed so they can best communicate with our retailers.
Offering Business Resources
Orgill’s mission is to help our customers be successful. We are working with our customers navigating this crisis by providing them with a range of resources and information. We are collecting insights and best practices from many of the best retailers in our industry and sharing this information. We are also offering business and marketing resources to help our retailers communicate with their customers and navigate this changing landscape during the COVID-19 situation.
We will continue to look for opportunities to help our customers during this challenging time. For more information on Orgill’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, plus the resources described above, Orgill customers should log in and visit the Coronavirus Updates section of this website.
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